Friday, August 20, 2010

Another project Come and gone

With another project on it's way out the pipe this week has been filled with free time. I will admit some of it has been spent playing starcraft 2, but while I haven't been 10-pooling and smearing folk with dark templar i decided now was as good a time as any to try and dable back in the "ZED" brush. Man what a week indeed! here is a break down....

A) learned a new poly paint technique using cavity masking
B) learned to re-topologize
C) Re-examined my sculpting workflow
D) figured out the ins and outs of zbrush compositing

The models I did were a dinosaur based on the concepts of greg broadmore, A nude female for an anatomy study, and the ol' man head from my school days.

I will say that I did censor the female for any of you faint of heart so be careful where you are viewing this. And just for the record I have no problem with the depiction of the nude form. As an artist I feel it is important to study the complexities of the human form. It is in no way an issue for me to view these models since in school i learned to look at the model from a non-sexual perspective, much as a doctor can examine a patient and not distracted. I am certainly up for rational conversation about the subject should anyone wish to discuss it in person.

Man I never felt so productive!
Here are some pics.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hawk Game trailer

Hey y'all it's officially here. The trailer for the next project I have been working on, Tony Hawk Shred. Sadly all the footage is 360 so it really is none of mine. However, here is some links to kotaku articles that do feature some stills. Props to the whole team for busting out some hard work!

Boom 2