Friday, December 4, 2015

General Grevious Redesign Doodle

 A super rough doodle I started for a redesign of one of my favorite Star Wars Characters.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Cintiq at Work

Got a new wide Cintiq at work and did a quick sketch of Carnotaurus for a warmup and calibration. Nothing fancy. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 4: Warren Louw

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Warren Louw


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 4 WIP: Warren Louw

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Warren Louw. I am behind because last week I went out of town to visit my sister and her beautiful family. We celebrated my nephew's first birthday and Sawyer got to meet some of my extended family! This week I had deadlines at work so many of my usual lunch periods gotten eaten. This meant that I only got one figure done in the next set. Next I will work on the male.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 3: Alessandro Micelli

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Alessandro Micelli


Friday, February 20, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 2: Xav

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Xav


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prometheus and Alien Organism Info Graphic

This is a info graphic for my upcoming post on my pop culture/writing blog about Prometheus and the Alien Franchise.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 2: Xav WIP

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Xav
Male is still Work in Progress I got behind this week :/


Friday, February 6, 2015

Masters of Anatomy Challenge 1: Adam Hughes

Based off the Proportions of the figures by Adam Hughes

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Masters of Anatomy Challenge: The Challenge

So as many of you have probably noticed by visiting this blog or my website, I like dinosaurs and creatures a lot. I like them so much that generally it's usually what dominates my portfolio and blog posts. I love the thrill of figuring out anatomy from skeletons and building things that initially reside in my imagination. However, I continually try my hand at human characters to moderate success. So this year I have decided that all new models I make must be human. I can go back and revisit any of the other wip creatures but no new creatures this year. I am also looking to decrease the amount of time it takes to produce a character and hopefully I will continue to get faster as the year progresses. Finally I am looking for the ability to try my hand at modeling a diverse group of styles and proportions. To help with this study I bought the amazing book Masters of Anatomy which contains side, front and 3/4 drawings of the ideal male and female forms from the perspectives of a diverse group of artists. In some down time I have scanned the entire contents of this book, cleaned up the scans and placed them in folders. For those following along I will be alternating artists from the front of the book to the back until I meet in the middle. Ultimately this is a form and design study as well as an anatomy challenge. This means that I will not bog myself down with surface detailing and texturing. The goal is quantity. One last tidbit, I want to create both a nude version and a underwear model. Specifically to practice working with layers and also on my recent figure study, I receive a lot of feedback that the breasts though contained in a shirt did not look like they were contained by a bra. I need to practice the form changes of a breast contained by some kind of bra or bra like element.

So here is the TL;DR version

The Masters of Anatomy Challenge

I. All new models this year must be Human characters, no new creatures
II. The purpose:
     A. Get better at sculpting human forms and anatomy
     B. Reduce time to produce models
     C. Produce artwork in a large range of styles to explore and prevent from getting repetitive
     D. Experiment and have fun!
III. Model as many figures from the book Masters of Anatomy
     A. Must do both Male and Female Figures from an artist
     B. Simple coloring and shader work, no surface texturing, This is a form study not a texturing one
     B. Remain as consistent with the artist style as possible
     C. Select an artist from the front of the book and then do an artist from the back of the book
     D. Create 2 versions: one Nude and one in underwear
           1. Need to practice how the breast changes when contained in a brassier (again, Form!)
           2. Need to form a habit with layers


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jurassic World Concept Art "Hybrid Dinosaur/Indominuis Rex"

With the recent leak of the appearance of"Indominus Rex" or "iRex" I found myself very underwhelmed. Granted, when we hear that there is a Hybrid dinosaur I don't think it need to be freakish to be cool. Especially in the "designer dinosaur" world of Jurassic World. They are making a living entertainment product based off the genetic material of animals they have in the park. With this in mind I looked at the Jurassic World Website to understand which animals would I could mash together. I then did these head studies.

Overall I like the wide sweeping mouth, top mounted nostrils, and narrow head of the Mosasaur and decided that would be core to defining locations of the antorbital fenestra and orbits. The jugal of the Mosasaur is also much similar to a zygomatic bone and could give a more intelligent and human characteristic to the animal since it's intelligence is called out in the trailer. This means that the anatomy needed to be adjusted and still supported in favor of the wide mouth design.  From there I added and removed elements from various other animals on the list, which can be seen above. I found that the head if too long looked too much like a Baryonyx or a Suchomimus, who is visually very close to a Spinosaur who we have seen on the screen before. I wanted to make something that looked new. I do like the sort of Nasal crest of these animals however, and kept coming back to that element.I found that too many elements would make it feel too much like a dragon or a pumped up Ceratasaur. With the name "Rex" it needed to feel more T-Rex than anything. I finally rested on the top middle head. from there I extrapolated a body.


This is just still a rough sketch. I am not fully married to it yet. I wanted to give the animal a long neck to allow it to peer around corners and let it search for prey in narrower spaces, a problem experienced by carnivores in all the films :p. I also wanted to give it longer arms, more in the vein of Deinocheirus since the animal has to climb out of it's pen, as in the trailer. Besides bigger claws and arms are scary! Since the dinosaur designers are looking for a more intimadting animal to add to the park, what better thing to give it than huge clawed hands. I am wanting to beef up the arms more. to accommodate this act. I also wanted to give the animal these spiny crests to continue to draw on the Baryonyx/Suchomimus/Spinosaur intrest as well as the bulk of a Metricanthosaur. This was also to address my biggest beef with the current design which is isolated spines on the arms and neck. This ultimately led to an exploration of the Skull to better understand the specifics of the skull, primarily the supratemporal fenestra and the modification of the quadratojugal with the modified jugal. The result was this.
I ultimately had to pull reference from a snake skull in order to get the structure that I wanted. The result is kinda cool looking even though this compromises the power of top jaw's bite. The way I see it this just means larger jaw muscles attached to the parietal bone to support a bulkier lower jaw. I painted the result quickly to solidify the design of the head more.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Practice Practice Practice

Yup another one of these. Wanted to sketch something from scratch really quick before I start my next project.