Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Masters of Anatomy Challenge: The Challenge

So as many of you have probably noticed by visiting this blog or my website, I like dinosaurs and creatures a lot. I like them so much that generally it's usually what dominates my portfolio and blog posts. I love the thrill of figuring out anatomy from skeletons and building things that initially reside in my imagination. However, I continually try my hand at human characters to moderate success. So this year I have decided that all new models I make must be human. I can go back and revisit any of the other wip creatures but no new creatures this year. I am also looking to decrease the amount of time it takes to produce a character and hopefully I will continue to get faster as the year progresses. Finally I am looking for the ability to try my hand at modeling a diverse group of styles and proportions. To help with this study I bought the amazing book Masters of Anatomy which contains side, front and 3/4 drawings of the ideal male and female forms from the perspectives of a diverse group of artists. In some down time I have scanned the entire contents of this book, cleaned up the scans and placed them in folders. For those following along I will be alternating artists from the front of the book to the back until I meet in the middle. Ultimately this is a form and design study as well as an anatomy challenge. This means that I will not bog myself down with surface detailing and texturing. The goal is quantity. One last tidbit, I want to create both a nude version and a underwear model. Specifically to practice working with layers and also on my recent figure study, I receive a lot of feedback that the breasts though contained in a shirt did not look like they were contained by a bra. I need to practice the form changes of a breast contained by some kind of bra or bra like element.

So here is the TL;DR version

The Masters of Anatomy Challenge

I. All new models this year must be Human characters, no new creatures
II. The purpose:
     A. Get better at sculpting human forms and anatomy
     B. Reduce time to produce models
     C. Produce artwork in a large range of styles to explore and prevent from getting repetitive
     D. Experiment and have fun!
III. Model as many figures from the book Masters of Anatomy
     A. Must do both Male and Female Figures from an artist
     B. Simple coloring and shader work, no surface texturing, This is a form study not a texturing one
     B. Remain as consistent with the artist style as possible
     C. Select an artist from the front of the book and then do an artist from the back of the book
     D. Create 2 versions: one Nude and one in underwear
           1. Need to practice how the breast changes when contained in a brassier (again, Form!)
           2. Need to form a habit with layers


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